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Credit Hero Challenge (Physical Box Shipping)

Credit Hero Challenge (Physical Box Shipping)

$19.95 $47.00

The Credit Hero Challenge Customized Kit includes everything you need to complete the Credit Hero Challenge, in an easy-to-use physical format! The physical box is free, just pay $19.95 shipping to get yours now!

*Please note: This is for someone who previously signed up for the electronic version of the challenge and wishes to upgrade to add the physical box (Limit 1 per challenger).
Included in your Challenge Box Kit:
  • Personal challenge box 📦 ($10 value)
  • Exclusive #CreditHero sticker swag ☁️ ($10 value)
  • 14 Credit Hero Challenge workbook ✍️ 📖 ($72 value)
  • Unfair Advantage credit repair Cheat Sheets 📑 ($49 value)
  • Guide: Roadmap to the Millionaires Club 🏆 ($19 value)
  • Basic Disputing Course read-along book 📘 ($19 value)
  • Fun swag and surprises! (priceless!)